Sukuna has no problem just grabbing you and casually throwing you over his shoulder like a towel"/>

Sukuna x reader unrequited

At first, she called him her friend, but at some point, those lines became blurred between platonic and romantic feelings. 248 7 1. . ” Then Sukuna grabs my arm and pulls me closer our faces were really close to each other, I was looking into his eyes and then to his lips and then without thinking I kissed him, I was still in my uniform but Sukuna started unbuttoning my shirt, he stops kissing me but then goes to kiss me on the neck but I stop him. Mar 8, 2022 · DreamUp C literature (Cereus) Ryomen Sukuna X Reader II Add to Favourites Comment By justvide Watch Published: Mar 8, 2022 Favourites 3. . —. Some and now none of you. . warnings: fem!reader, fighting,. . ↳ form : headcanons. #anime #fanfiction #gojosatoru #itadoriyūji #jjk #jujutsukaisen #manga #megumifushiguro #romance #ryomensukuna #shaman #sukuna #sukunaxreader. Domestic Au! Sukuna x GN!Reader [hcs] Just being Sukuna’s wifey. But it’s not like you were anyone to him, so he brushed aside the odd sensation at the back of his mind as he walked away. . Fucking. Y/N was fighting battle before she was transported into a domain that she's never seen before, but amongst in the shadows is the King of the Curses. . AFAB reader - Freeform; Unrequited Love; Not Actually Unrequited Love; Shameless Smut; Swearing; Praise Kink; Daddy Kink;. . Re:incarnateReincarnate” Yandere! Sukuna x Curse! Reader (fanart not mine, artist not found) Word count: 1,377K Warning: gore, mentions of death, yandere themes AS HE IS THE KING OF CURSES, it would. [Trapped Between] Yandere! Itadori x Reader x Yandere! Sukuna. He obliged, pushing the towel lower for you. “Yuji. . jjkfanfic. . New post. Sukuna’s hand wrapped around your wrist, claws digging into your flesh as you both stared at each other with a mix of emotions: hatred, anger, amusement. Em contrapartida, Ryomen Sukuna era seu completo oposto, a carranca em seu rosto e as tatuagens tribais espalhadas pelo corpo, além da. Discover more posts about sukuna x reader fluff. You're coming with whether you like it or not. . Sukuna grumbles out as he flicked his beady red eyes over at Uraume, who was curiously scanning their eyes over a scroll clutched in their hands. jjkfanfic. So, here we are again. Enjoy the meal you sinner. ” He told. Ryomen Sukuna is the reclaimed king of curses and you’re the powerful sorcerer indentured to work as a servant at his new palace, constantly seething over how much you loathe him while you pour him sake and tend to. Dec 15, 2020 · you’re annoying (r. Jujutsu Kaisen x Fem!Reader You lived in a huge house with all of your closest friends thanks to Satoru Gojo and his money. MDNI Word count :4k -. The Sun and The Moon (Sukuna X OC) by Edenwinchester02. . "You," Jogo spoke as you finally caught up with Sukuna. Yuu glared at him mercilessly killing Sukuna with his eyes.

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